As an Irishman living in Silicon Valley for the last 10 years, this blog is a forum for my weekly observations.

I will share with you how things happen here. Right from the heart of The Valley. I would love to get your thoughts and feedback. Do let me know if you have any questions - what do you want to know about your potential buyers or funders or what is going on here? Please do get in touch @davidivorsmith.

Over the last year or so I have noticed that Europe is really moving up the agenda for the buyers. 

For example this week I had a good meeting with a fast-growing, well-known digital media corporate, who last year told us they were not interested in acquiring outside Silicon Valley as all the relevant tech and talent is here on their doorsteps. Twelve months on and they are now actively looking to buy in Europe and Asia, and to build strong local teams. For them access to talent as well as geographic expansion are both equally important drivers.

Lunch today was with the US team of a UK based law firm who are seeing strong demand from US buyers and investors for European companies. They’re bullish about the next six months. They are also seeing more interest in the German market (Berlin in particular) and think that this is a growth opportunity. The fact that they have an office in Germany I am sure has no bearing on their optimism.

Drones is a super-hot area! Watch this space… (or being drones, look up and watch that space!).