A great new post from Torulf Jernström and Sam Myers highlights what has changed when looking for the next generation of gaming winners. 

Since 2009, a perfect storm of huge new mobile audiences, the growth of casual games and in game monetisation, has underpinned a great period for building new gaming companies such as King and Supercell. 

However, what has worked in the past is unlikely to work for the next generation because it has become incredibly competitive to attract and retain new users. 

The white space for gaming is in areas such as VR and AR but the challenge remains how to stay alive and in market until these technologies become mass market. Another area that been has pioneered by Asian gaming companies has been chat games. Facebook has heavily promoted this in Messenger and we expect it to become a major new platform for gaming. 

European has already had two huge success stories in gaming: King and Supercell. We are seeing a new wave of very exciting companies emerging in Europe and are very optimistic about the future.